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Editor’s View: “Jewellery brands are not going down without a fight”


Heading into 2018, murmurs circulated that the industry would be waving goodbye to branded jewellery.

It certainly felt at times like things were going that way, with more and more retailers swapping branded fashion goods for traditional pieces, and unique designs crafted in-house.

There’s certainly no denying that jewellers are increasingly making more space for on-site workshops and collaborating with designers to create an exclusive offering. But does this really spell the end for branded jewellery?

While we are hearing stories such as those above, for every jeweller deciding to stop stocking branded goods, there’s another one still reaping the rewards of selling the world’s most loved jewellery brands. From visiting a different city each month for Professional Jeweller’s cityscapes, I’ve seen firsthand how the best high streets are the ones with a diverse jewellery retail offering, meaning every business can take a slice of the pie if they have distinct USPs.

As for the brands themselves, from the conversations I’ve had with them so far this year they are certainly not going down without a fight.

They understand times are tough for branded goods and jewellery retail, and they are adapting their products, services and experiences to partner with jewellers to battle the challenges of today’s market.

Many of the top brands for instance are launching innovative products this year, and backing these with powerful marketing campaigns.

After attending Thomas Sabo’s presentation to retailers last month, I felt energised and excited for the year ahead, and I know the wholesale partners in attendance echoed these sentiments because the Thomas Sabo team are ready to work with them to make 2018 a great one.

In this issue you can read about Parisian jewellery brand Les Georgettes and find out how a business, which launched in the UK just over 12 months ago in the midst of difficult trading conditions, is soaring with British retailers.

On our website last month we unveiled Pandora’s strategy for the next five years, revealing how the jewellery giant will now be launching 10 new collections a year, and increasing its marketing budget to strengthen its voice in the industry.

These are just three examples but I’m willing to bet if you talk to any of the top brands you will discover they are taking an optimistic outlook and are ready to put in the hard work to see branded jewellery boom once again.


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