September is a great time to take stock and prepare for what has traditionally been the busiest trading season on the retail calendar.

While spending patterns may have changed – with many jewellers reporting last minute flurries rather than a six week stretch of high footfall and strong sales – Christmas provides an opportunity for jewellery stores to really shine.

No matter where or when they are spending, people are opening their purses at Christmas — and you’ve got to think about how your business is going to capture a slice of the pie.


That should start with a trip to trade shows to look for fresh designs to wow consumers with. If you’ve been hesitant to spend this year, now is the time to invest.
Don’t keep the same old stock in your windows and hope they will suddenly pull in a crowd. Instead, look to put something completely fresh in the front display — whether that’s products from a new brand or designer, or a recently launched collection from an existing supplier.

On top of introducing new stock, have a look at your marketing and visual merchandising. Christmas is the season to try something new, warm up your displays, add some extra sparkle, and let the local community know what you are all about.

But, building awareness of your business and offer cannot be limited to the physical store. As we head into the second half of the year you need to ramp up your online activity, making sure your channels are the ones people land on when they are browsing for jewellery gifts.

Last but not least, use Christmas to create a buzz — for your customers and staff.

We can’t wait to celebrate the UK jewellery industry with you all on September 2 at the 2019 Professional Jeweller Awards.

There’s something about a night of celebration in September that sets the tone for the rest of the year.

Many of your staff will be putting in plenty of overtime at Christmas, whether in store or head office, so don’t forget to remind them how important they are to you and your business.

You don’t need me to tell you that people perform better when they feel valued.

Why not create a culture of celebration this Christmas and remind people why working in a jewellery store is not like any other retail job.

And, moreover, use the next few months to put on in-store events.

Customer experience is king at the moment, and dedicated events allow you to get to know your clients more, make them feel valued, and create memories that will have them wanting to do their Christmas shopping at your store.

Don’t worry, I do know December 25th is still four months away, but the preparation should start now. Let the countdown begin…