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Editor’s View: Why the UK jewellery industry should visit Hong Kong’s twin shows


I’ve just got back into the office after a little under a week in Hong Kong visiting its duo trade fairs, and I have to say, I was very impressed.

From the moment you walk through the doors the show aims to vow visitors with Instagramable opportunities and inspiration for the day ahead.

Once inside, the attention to detail is clear throughout, with trade show organisers working hard to make sure there is something for all its many international visitors.

Those who have been will know the size of the shows can be overwhelming, but a dedicated area for ‘business matching’ will soon help visitors find exactly what they need during their visit.

And every area is covered – from finished fine and fashion jewellery products, to loose gemstones (natural and lab-grown), tools, tech, and manufacturing, and even packaging, shop-fits, and extra little touches that can make a difference to business.

So whether a retailer is looking to re-fit their store at a more affordable price or a brand is on the hunt for a new manufacture or materials for their latest collection, everything can be found within the halls of the two trade shows.

Furthermore, the fair offers an opportunity to understand what’s going on a global scale in the jewellery industry.

I spoke to companies from all over the world, and found out that many of the problems the trade faces in the UK are world-wide, and other markets have found solutions to challenges we are currently facing. There’s certainly a lot to learn from professionals working in other countries, and of course they valued gaining insights into the UK market, and the implications Brexit might have.

Going as press gives me the opportunity to really scope out the shows, and speak to a wide variety of businesses from all over the world, and while some pieces look absolutely amazing, not everything would work for the UK market.

The trends I spotted at the shows though, which will no-doubt land in the UK, are the use of more unusual and vibrant gemstones; pearls used in modern yet timeless designs; and products with hidden touches that can be personal to the wearer.

When not speaking to suppliers on stands, HKTDC organises talks for visitors, which also help paint a picture of the global market, alongside insights providing on the latest technology, jewellery, and selling trends.

So if you have not visited HKTDC’s shows before, they are certainly worthy checking out. But, my main piece of advice would be plan ahead. Know what you are looking for and what you are hoping to get out of it, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with the organisers before as they are more than happy to help companies find what they are looking for.


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