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Elderly London jeweller robbed at knife point


Jewellers asked to look out for stolen pieces being sold in the city.

The 64-year old owner of a historic City of London jeweller has spoken today of a terrifying heist on his shop by two knife-wielding robbers.

The attack, which took place on Wednesday on John Haynes jewellers, left the owner, John Haynes fearing for his life.

He told the London Evening Standard that one man threatened to “cut him” with a hunting knife if he refused to empty racks of jewellery into a rucksack.

City of London Police is appealing for help in tracing the jewellery, worth around £900,000 and have released the pictures seen here.

According to police, the robbery occurred around 7.20am at Haynes Jewellers, Castle Court, St. Michael’s Alley, near Cornhill.

The owner had just opened the premises when he was pushed through the door by two men, one of who threatened him with a knife and forced him to open the safe.

Amongst the items stolen was a platinum ring with a single Tanzanite stone and two diamonds worth £17,000; a diamond necklace worth £18,950 and a diamond-set white gold bracelet worth £17,950.

Both robbers are described as white, wearing dark clothing, with one wearing a fluorescent jacket. They made off with the jewellery in a black rucksack.

Mr Haynes told The Standard: “He had his knee on my chest so I could not get up and he held me there while his colleague came in after him. He then produced what appeared to be a hunting knife and threatened to cut me with it.”

Mr Haynes told the paper he feared that his colleague who was due to arrive at the shop would also be attacked.

Anyone with information should call police on 020 7601 2222 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 1111.



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