Launching internationally for the first time in June 2017, Elham & Issa Jewellery has introduced four distinct collections to the UK.

Arriving in London, Mayfair this month, Elham & Issa Jewellery offers four distinct collections, each with its own story.

Jordanian husband and wife team Issa Sabeh and Elham Kalaji use precious and semi-precious stones crafted in 18ct gold for the brand’s work, which includes the following ranges:


Mystique: The brand’s signature collection is inspired by the delicate flakes of gold left shimmering on a workshop bench when jewellery is made. Mystique features pieces crafted with a decorative mosaic technique and set with Mother-of-Pearl, diamonds, turquoise, onyx and sapphire.

Evolution: Elham discovered rutilated quartz as a student and was fascinated by the unique golden patterns in the transparent rock. The Evolution collection was inspired by her desire to extend these lines, finishing nature’s work with a “starburst” effect, and sparkling white and black diamonds.

Awe: When Elham was pregnant, Issa discovered an awe-inspiring turquoise stone in Lebanon. Elham used it to curate a collection symbolising the couple’s love for their daughter. Featuring azure turquoise, diamonds, pink and blue sapphire, the Awe Collection is designed for special celebrations.

Amwaj: Inspired by a beautiful blue opal Issa discovered during his travels in the Middle East, Elham has created the Amwaj collection. True to its name, which means waves in Arabic, Amwaj showcases the waves of deep, lustrous colour found in each blue opal. One of a kind, each stunning piece is delicately embellished with white diamonds.

The brand also provides a bespoke service, which is particularly popular with brides.

“On the day we got married, my wedding jewellery was as individual as the man I was marrying,” says Elham. “I want every bride to experience the same feeling. We create something completely new and original based on taste, personality and her own love story.”

The founder’s shared Jordanian cultural heritage is shines throughout all the brand’s designs.

Prices range from £325 to £3,600.