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Emerging Brands Highly Commended: A World Full of Sparkle by Sparkling Jewels

Sparkling Jewels - World Full of Sparkle

After a successfully introduction by Jos Von Arx, the brand Sparkling Jewels opened many new doors at latest International Jewellery London back under Essence’s control.

Together with the launch of the newest winter colours and collection expansions, Sparkling Jewels launched its own magazine and brand movie that takes consumers along in ‘A World Full of Sparkle’.

The new campaign has been a great success, with women loving the interchangeability of the products.

The versatile range contains necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and ear-drops, alongside real natural gemstones which adorn each piece.

Inspired by the world and earth treasures, the collection is colourful, and can be personalised to reflect individual styles.


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