Ro Copenhagen - Fryd

Ro Copenhagen launched in Denmark a couple of years ago, taking the market by storm, and this year the fine jewellery brand touched down in the UK in a bid to replicate its success.

Ro Copenhagen is a contemporary heritage brand creating high quality pieces, for the modern fine jewellery buyer.

While Ro Copenhagen offers a wide spectrum of products, including stacking rings, letter charms, and pieces that can be personalised, the latest range, Fryd, introduces a new palette of colours that have been warmly received.


Fryd is the Danish term used to express joy, great pleasure and a sense of achievement. ‘Fryd’ coupled with the meaning of ‘Ro’ is a signal given to reiterate that all of Ro Copenhagen’s products are designed with a feeling of positivity and the Dane’s spin on ‘joie de vivre’.

The Fryd collection is bigger and bolder than Ro Copenhagen’s core designs and features a considered colour selection of deep ocean blues, keshi pearls and rosy hues alongside the brand’s signature diamond stone in each piece.