Danish jewellery brand Endless have announced the appointment of Clogau as exclusive distributors for Endless Jewelry in the UK and Ireland.

Clogau’s IT system is already built and ready to roll out for the Endless Jewelry model, giving the Endless UK and Ireland sales team and its retailers full visibility of incoming inventory, downloadable invoices, reports and so much more to aid and support sales. The team will have this information at their fingertips through their iPad ordering system as currently used by the Clogau sales team and retailers who can access the information at any time through their secure web portal.

Managing Director of Clogau, Ben Roberts, comments: “At Clogau we are very excited about the appointment as exclusive distributors for Endless Jewelry in the UK and Ireland. Endless is a brand with an amazing potential and has a dedicated, successful team led by Mark Faulkner, Endless Jewelry Country Manager and nine team members. We fully intend to retain this team, who like the rest of the organisation, was hit by the overwhelming global demand resulting in some supply chain issues.


“By being closer to the retailers, controlling the distribution and customer service, we, together with the Endless Jewelry management team, are convinced we will be able to take full advantage of the product’s potential. I think Endless and Clogau is the optimal mix and we are really looking forward to working together to make this partnership a success.”

The global growth of Endless Jewelry has put pressure on the supply chain, and consequently delayed deliveries in the UK and Ireland, but through a significant investment in the supply chain by Endless Jewelry, and the investment by Clogau in inventory held by Endless Jewelry Ltd, orders will be fulfilled immediately from the head office in North Wales.

Roberts and his team have negotiated the details with the Endless Global Management team, and Endless Country Manager Mark Faulkner will be retained and will continue to run the UK and Ireland Sales team.

Roberts is keen to apply the same highly successful recipe that has made Clogau an award-winning brand to the recipe of Endless Jewelry’s successful range of unique fashion jewellery – to ensure that the Endless brand becomes the success story that everyone anticipates on entry to the UK market.

Paul Moonga, CEO of Endless Jewelry, adds: “We are very proud to appoint Clogau as our retailer in UK and Ireland. The Endless range of fashionable, colourful leather bracelets and modern charm designs are now available in 3,500 stores in 24 markets, and we still see an increasing demand, which only confirms we have a long way to go to reach the full potential of Endless Jewelry.

“Being close to the retailer and thereby the market is a vital part of the Endless DNA, and working with Clogau in UK and Ireland will increase the focus on customer contact, supply chain management and the general relation to the market.”