Endless Jewelry appoints new CEO


Danish jewellery brand Endless Jewelry has appointed a new chief executive officer to take the brand through its next phase of reshaping.

Endless Jewelry’s global supply chain director, Ulrik Rasch, has been chosen by the brand’s board as the new CEO to lead the company through its organisational changes.

Over the course of the last two months, Endless Jewelry has been undergoing a significant reshaping. Endless is working to make the organisation more efficient, strengthen the sales and distribution structure, and ensure that Endless Jewelry continues to remain relevant to consumers.

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Endless Jewelry is well underway with the strategic and organisational changes communicated in the beginning of the year, but will now commence the next phase of the development work.

Endless will focus on strengthening the commercial activities in the key markets, especially North America, and ensure a scalable sales and distribution setup to profitably capture future growth.

After a thorough and constructive dialogue upon the company’s future direction, the board of directors have come to an agreement with current CEO, Paul Moonga, CFO, Hans Jørgen Krabbenhøft, CMO, Mikkel Berg, to end the collaboration and part ways going forward.

Already in the beginning of April Mikkel Berg decided to resign his position as CMO of Endless Jewelry. Moonga, Berg, and Krabbenhøft will all stay with Endless Jewelry until the end of May to ensure a transition as seamless as possible in transferring all their responsibilities to the rest of the organisation.

Sustaining and reinforcing the relationship with customers, distributors and retailers remains a top priority for Endless Jewelry going forward

“The board have unanimously decided that Ulrik Rasch is the right person to undertake the CEO-role and lead the company through the next phase of making Endless Jewelry a profitable business and realise the continued ambitions from the owners and the board, says Endless chairman Henrik B. Sanders. “By bringing a strong experience in operations leadership and business transformations internationally with a track-record spanning significant brands within a diverse set of industries, Ulrik embodies exactly what the company requires going forward. We would like to also thank Paul, Hans Jørgen, and Mikkel for their contribution and wish them all the best for the future.”

Newly appointed CEO Ulrik Rasch adds: “I am of course deeply honoured to have the full support of our board of directors, and I am looking forward to lead Endless Jewelry through a period of consolidation and refocus. My most important short-term focus will be to strengthen the core and continue to develop an organizational and commercial setup that enables us to profitably and sustainably capture the growth ahead of us.”

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