Endless plans to double UK doors in 2015

Brand seeks out next phase of retailers at JW&B after £19m first year.

Endless Jewelry chief executive Jesper Nielsen said today that he plans to double the number of doors his brand has in the UK by the end of this year.

In the new brand’s first full year of trading – it launched in December 2013 – it signed up 350 stores in the UK, and its global sales totalled US$30 million (£19.9m).

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Speaking to Professional Jeweller at Jewellery & Watch Birmingham, Nielsen said: “We are very happy that 350 jewellery stores decided to say yes and give us a signed order last year, but that doesn’t mean anything if we don’t continue to grow. This year, we will be targeting approximately the same number of retailers.

“We are now out searching for our second phase of partners and for our existing partners we’re now looking at upgrading with fresh fixtures.”

As well as fresh fixtures, Nielsen plans to support the brand further through VIP events and playing a more active role in the UK jewellery trade. He also said that the brand will pay particular focus to help retailers achieving strong sell out to grow even further.

A strong marketing coup for Endless has been its association with Jennifer Lopez, which Nielsen describes as “like a dream coming true”. As well as providing a well known face for its SS15 campaign, the celebrity has directly bolstered sales in the US, which Nielsen expects to account for 80% of Endless’s business in 2015.

He said: “We are the talk of the business in America because the American jewellers are extremely aggressive in sell outs, as they are so focused on business. Re-orders are huge in America, especially since we signed Jennifer Lopez. She is an icon for the Americans.”

Despite the successes of its first year, Endless faced major supply problems at Christmas that created a US$6 million backlog that couldn’t be fulfilled, something that Nielsen said he deeply regrets.

The brand is currently exhibiting at Jewellery & Watch Birmingham this week where it hopes to sign up to 30 new accounts. 



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