EnvisionTEC launches new WaxEra 3D printer at JCK Las Vegas


GVUK Design Limited is excited to announce the launch of the WaxEra 3D printer by EnvisionTEC at JCK Las Vegas.

The WaxEra 3D printer is a new paste-based DLP printer – the first of its kind in the 3D printing realm.

It is being hailed as the only 3D printer that can print highly intricate designs using wax paste. This capability adds “the ability to use high density materials not previously possible using DLP 3D printing”.

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In conjunction with the device, EnvisionTEC has launched E-Wax Paste. According to its official press release: “This new generation wax paste is built to cast everything from wedding bands to biker rings, from graduation rings to thick bracelets. Larger jewellery pieces can be investment casted regardless of wall thickness with no worries about porosity due to ash content, or metal flashing due to polymer expansion.

“Casters can also benefit from the ease of casting E-Wax in the same tree as traditional wax patterns in silver, yellow and white gold, as well as platinum without the need for any significant change to standard burnout cycles or the use of sophisticated casting equipment.”

The company has also showcased its QView material at JCK Las Vegas, which is capable of fast print speeds of up to an inch per hour. This allows designers to put their custom design pieces into their customers’ hands in record time for final fit and design verification.

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