The Jewellery Loop writer overwhelmed by response from PJ readers.

An article posted yesterday on the Professional Jeweller website written by Erica Abiss-Biro on copycat practices in the jewellery industry has hit a note with readers.

The column, titled We need to stop copycat jewellers now, documented the experiences of Abiss-Biro working for a high street jewellery retailer and being asked to copy jewellery designs. She shared her negative views of the experience and used the column to ask for change in the industry.


An extract from the column read: “I genuinely feel that if our jewellery designers are not nurtured, protected and supported then they may well end up working for the high street themselves and our industry would be a lot less interesting as a result.”

The column, which first appeared in the April issue of Professional Jeweller magazine, was widely shared on social networks, shot straight to the top of the most read list, and drew comment from many in the industry. Comments made on the website included some from designers Kimberley Selwood and David Marshall who said that they have both had their work copied.

Abiss-Biro, who writes jewellery blog The Jewellery Loop, took to Twitter to thank her new-found fans for their support on the issue. She said: “Thanks to everyone for such an overwhelming response”.

Meanwhile Tatty Devine, a brand mentioned in the column by Abiss-Biro due to its copyright battle with Claire’s Accessories, was featured on BBC TV show Watchdog last night and said that it has reached “a mutually acceptable resolution”.

For more on the new developments in the Tatty Devine-Claire’s Accessories story click here.

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