New brand’s designs offer "what women want" in a break from trends.

New brand Esoteric Luxury has officially launched at Jewellery & Watch Birmingham, with its founders planning to fill the gap in the market with designs that celebrate women and their spirituality.

Working in silver, gold vermeil and with a focus on fine gemstones, the company’s founders, husband-and-wife team Shikha and Satbir Tamber, have launched six collections under the name Lucky Talisman designed to tell the life stories of women.


The duo are self-taught jewellery designers, and say the collections aim to fill the gap between craft jewellery and branded designs, taking no influence on current trends but instead showcasing their own design themes.

The collections celebrate female characters and icons from mythology, as well spiritual concepts. They feature fine gemstones including sapphires, peridot, citrine, amethyst and tourmaline.

The company has also launched a capsule collection based on Roman goddess of Maia Majestas, who is the saint of new beginnings and spring time.

Satbir Tamber said: "There is so much out there in terms of women’s jewellery that’s similar – we have created designs that are our own and each carry a story. Our women are the heroines of their very own stories and they create their own myths."

Esoteric Luxury plans to launch two new collections each year, and are currently finalising the AW14 range, which will present new designs based on new design concepts.