Ethical jewellery can improve your sex life


…or so say a couple of American retailers.

We are constantly being bombarded with reasons to go green in all of our choices, from grapefruits to gold, but now a couple of cheeky American retailers have devised another. Apparently, ethical shopping can improve your sex life.

The statement comes in at sixth place in a list of six steps to success mastered by Kate Morrison and Andrea Barrett of Californian eco fashion boutique Arboretum Apparel. Improved sex lives falls in behind marrying men with eco credentials, being cool by stocking products made in the US, tricking shoppers into buying less by selling them versatile clothing, setting up shop in a district known for sustainable farming and seeking out garments that shrink from trends but cling to inflated price tags that can be passed off as investment pieces.

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And as the say on L’Oreal commercials, here comes the science… “Admittedly, the evidence for this is largely based on gossip and innuendo, but since they’ve opened their doors, Kate and Andrea have been told many times of purchases that have brought deep satisfaction and happiness to their clientele. As happy people tend to show, and share more love…”

Hmmm. Kate? “I don’t know what to say about this one. I’m happy if they’re happy?”

Andrea, any further explanation? “I guess I better start shopping at my own store! Don’t tell my husband I said that, okay?”

I’ll take that as a no. Perhaps not one to pass on to your customers then. Maybe best to stick with the good old saving the planet and improving peoples’ lives lines. 

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