Ethical Jewellery Highly Commended: Chromanteq by The Rock Hound

The Rock Hound has been making waves in the industry with its stirking and unusual designs, but this year it was the Chromanteq collection causing a buzz.

As a whole, the range is quirky, vibrant, and unlike anything else seen on the high street.

The brand uses a wide selection of gemstones to great effect by contrasting them with coloured metals. From liliac spinel paired with a hot pink nano ceramic, to a tourmaline and garnet contrasted with blue and orange metal coatings, this collection shows the team at The Rock Hound knows how to make a statement.

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Furthermore, the rings from the collection saw the brand named International Jewellery London’s Editor’s Choice Technical Trailblazer of the year.

At the heart of the brand is a team of gemologist jewellers who are committed to using recycled metals and responsibly sourcing stones.



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