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Ethical Jewellery Highly Commended: Lace and Laguna Agates by Sorrel Bay

Sorrel Bay - Lace and Laguna Agate

Sorrel Bay is an ethical jewellery brand that combines creativity with suitability.

Pieces are truly unique, with the use of unusual gemstones making them stand out from the crowd.

While the brand has been known to use vibrant colours, the Lace and Lugana Agates range highlights the delicate natural details of softer stones.

The luscious lax linear natural patterns and tones of the lace and laguna agates set alongside the soft delicate hues of the natural grey diamonds, and accentuated with ethically sourced pave diamonds, create a unique and eye-catching offer.

Crafted in Fairtrade gold, the pieces are a prime example of conscious luxury.

The founder, Marie Walsh, says: “Our pieces are not only made with love in our studios but sourced with great care and attention to ensure their integrity from a rock in the ground to a precious item of jewellery.”


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