Cred - Syanyonja

Cred Jewellery has always been a leader in ethical jewellery, and this year the brand launched the ‘ultimate’ ethical engagement ring collection.

Cred was the first brand to bring Fairtrade wedding bands to the market, and now it’s going one step further in its mission to only provide ethical jewels.

The Syanyonja collection, which has been named after the association of small scale miners in Uganda who produced the first Fairtrade gold from Africa, offers four cluster engagement rings adorned with lab grown diamonds.


Each ring has a Swahili name to recognise the women miners whose great determination to be Fairtrade accredited led to the historic achievement of being pioneers in traceable gold from Africa.

By using lab-grown stones, Cred has been able to cut diamond mines out all together. The end result? A product that is 100% traceable and 30% cheaper than mined diamonds.