Site to limit jewellery featuring drugs, tobacco and body parts.

By Craig Heatly

Online marketplace Etsy has released a list of items that can no longer be sold on the website with a view to jewellery and product designers that have became a little too innovative with the materials used in their collection.

The site has strengthened its terms on the premise that it is unethical to allow items to be put up for sale that might be offensive to buyers.


A spokesperson for Etsy said: “Some things just aren’t in the spirit of Etsy. While we understand that it is possible for certain items to be carefully and legally bought and sold, Etsy is not the right venue for them.”

Other items that are no longer to be listed on the marketplace include jewellery made of human remains or body parts – though this excluded hair and teeth – tobacco and other smokeable products, matches, fireworks, drugs and drug paraphernalia.



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