Award-winning Berry’s Jewellers will be refocusing on jewellery this year, following phenomenal success with the world’s leading watch brands.

While the luxury jeweller will continue to sell, and no doubt thrive, with the most sought-after watch accounts in the UK, the senior executives want to make sure jewellery remains at the core of the business.

“I can’t emphasise enough, we are jewellers,” managing director Simon Walton tells Professional Jewelller. “We are very proud of the jewellery that we sell and over the next few years we really want to promote the Berry’s brand and sell more jewellery.”


Walton admits that over the years Berry’s has shifted from 70% jewellery and 30% watches to the reverse, but now the business is expanding its stores to give jewellery a dominant place among its in-store branded watch areas.

“The whole of our trade has become almost obsessed with watch brands, but we are jewellers first and foremost, we are still selling some amazing jewellery pieces, we are very good at jewellery,” Walton explains. “We undersell ourselves with jewellery, we don’t shout about it enough. All our shops have some fabulous jewellery in and we should be selling a lot more so as a company we are refocusing our attentions on jewellery.”

He continues: “Our most important sale is that engagement ring sale, because that engagement ring sale is probably the biggest jewellery purchase that you have initially. If they buy an engagement ring you, you tend to make that customer a customer for life. That first sale is the most crucial thing for us and our business is very much geared to the wedding and engagement ring market. We don’t want to appear like a multiple with all watch brands. We are still trying to be a jewellers that happens to sell the leading watch brands. But it’s a challenge and we are on that journey.”

As Berry’s refocuses on jewellery it also hopes to grow to manufacture more of its own goods.

Find out the full Berry’s story in next month’s issue of Professional Jeweller.