Belgian jewellery wholesaler Bloch & Co has spoken positively about the return of events to the jewellery industry calendar in recent weeks.

The Antwerp-based company has taken a positive approach to the return of shows, attending both Houlden Group’s meeting and the Vicenzaoro jewellery show in the last two weeks.

Below, Travis Burne, Bloch & Co UK agent, reveals the company’s thoughts on the resurrection of events like these and talks its plans for UK expansion.


How did Vicenzaoro go?

For Bloch & Co we have had a stunning show. A lot of people came to the show from different countries and we had very good orders, although we have seen nobody from the UK. Normally there are lots of people from the UK.

But it is after a very successful Houlden meeting. We are still very satisfied about the Houlden meeting from last week.

How did that go?

The Houlden meeting went very well. I think it was our first time showing with Houlden Group, so all of the members came to say hello to us, and we got a lot of members opening new accounts with us which was very helpful.

I think the meeting at the Houlden event overall was very good. They came out to buy and made us very happy. I think it’s the start of things returning to normality.

Tell us about Bloch & Co’s ambitions for the UK?

Ideally in the UK we’re looking to open up another 20-25 clients. We’ve gone into the Houlden Group quite strongly in the last five months and the high-worth clientelle has really taken notice of our brand and our product.

What our aims are is to show the UK market our everyday sellers rather than just being known for our one-off pieces, though it is very nice to have those to offer as well.