EXCLUSIVE: Breuning wedding ring sales rise by 30% in 2015

Wedding ring designer Breuning says sales in the United Kingdom have risen by 30% this year.

The German jewellery maker says its UK retailers have been instrumental in driving up revenue thanks to a programme of education and confidence building with channel partners.

“There are various factors to the growth for 2015. We have been visiting our retailers for product training more frequently, which gives them confidence in the product. Plus, our online pricing provides current prices so the consumer can see exactly what they are purchasing,” Claire Price, Breuning’s marketing manager for the UK, told Professional Jeweller.

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Breuning believes that on-trend design is key to attracting customers. Its bestselling ring this year is a gentleman’s two-tone white ring in 14ct gold. “We are selling wider gents rings, say 7mm. and also rings with diamond edging,” Ms Price revealed.

Keeping the collection fresh is also leading to higher prices per unit. In 2014, the average ring cost its retailers £185 (trade price). This year it is up to £250 in the UK.

Looking forward, Breuning will stick to its core strategy of advertising the fresh and innovative designs for its wedding rings so that they are not competing with indistinguishable plain wedding bands.

“The area we are looking for is design element and added value,” explained Ms Price.

Retailers will be encouraged to constantly update their knowledge of the Breuning ranges, and how to sell them. “We will make sure that all our customers, old and new, are visited frequently for training or information about new products,” Ms Price promised.


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