Fashion jewellery brand Carat* London will open three new stores in the UK this year.

The brand’s chief executive officer, Scott Thompson, revealed exclusively to Professional Jeweller that by the end of 2017 Carat* London will have opened the doors to three new stores in the UK.

In addition, by the end of the year Carat* London will have also opened in the Middle East, and have further expanded in Korea, Thailand and China.


Thompson says this is all part of Carat* London’s plan to “becoming the most relevant fashion jewellery brand in the UK”.

Last year was reported as the brand’s best year to date despite challenging market conditions. Thompson attributes this success to Carat* London getting its physical stores in order and delivering a lot more newness on a regular basis.

“I think we are more relevant with our customer now that we’ve ever been before,” Thompson remarks.

The brand’s main focus for the next 12 months will be its communications strategy.