Chalfen of London’s website traffic grows every month as the company builds brand awareness and the media chooses its jewels to highlight to readers.

Last month saw a Chalfen of London pendant selected by the prestigious Tatler for its Christmas gift guide in its December issue, and a diamond ring shine in the pages of Brides.

Elsewhere, Salisbury Life used a piece of the brand’s jewellery on the cover. This cover position came after jewellery retailer Tribbeck placed an ad in the magazine. The editorial team liked Chalfen of London’s jewellery so much they asked to use it for the cover.


“We have worked with Tribbeck for many years but in a very limited, white label way and it is only in the last month that they are promoting Chalfen as a brand,” Chalfen of London managing director Howard Levine explains. “It was at the CMJ conference recently that everyone was told that products need a story and Chalfen, as a brand, has a very strong one.”

He continues: “Tribbeck were looking for a way to sell more diamonds and the Chalfen story gives them a way to push that has credibility. They are a great shop but they are not the only jeweller in town. They realised that it is only through differentiation with a good proposition that they will achieve their goals.”

While Levine believes the brand will not see a direct response to the office from the recent media uplift, he does believe being in these magazines gives the brand exposure and drives people to the website.

“Our website traffic is growing every month as are our social channels,” says Levine. ” People will find their nearest stockist directly from the website.”

He concludes: “I believe that building the brand enables us to really tell our story. We are different to other suppliers and we do strive to produce a better quality product. Combine our heritage and our commitment to quality and you have a totally credible brand that will help jewellers that wish to differentiate their product from that of their competition, either in the same town or on line.”

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