Chisholm Hunter dominates the Argyll Arcade with its six boutiques, and now the national jeweller has announced plans to open a seventh store next year.

In 2019, Chisholm Hunter will open the doors to a store on Buchanan Street, next to the entrance of the renowned Argyll Arcade where it holds an additional six retail spaces.

Once opened, this will be the retailer’s first store with an entrance onto Glasgow’s luxury shopping street.


Chisholm Hunter managing director, Harry Brown, tells Professional Jeweller: “This is very exciting as it is the only store in the Arcade with an entrance on to Glasgow’s most expensive and exclusive street. This enables us to host luxury events for our customers and not to be restricted to the conventional opening hours of the Arcade.”

“I have heard that rent costs in Buchanan Street have soared in the past years which is encouraging as it shows how healthy and dynamic the market in Glasgow is,” adds Brown.

This year the multiple jeweller is also investing in refitting one of its current boutiques in the Argyll Arcade. This will be fitted with new prestige watch brands such as Blancpain, Glashütte Original, and Breguet, and will have a luxury bar similar to the one upstairs in Chisholm Hunter’s Edinburgh flagship.

“Business in Glasgow is always strong for us,” reveals Brown. “It is our city of origin therefore our client base here is accustomed to the luxury service that our teams provide.

“We have six stores within the Argyll Arcade, each of which in a sense are autonomous departments. We then have boutiques in The Glasgow Fort, and Silverburn which are both 15 minute drives on the motorway. With all this said we believe we have covered all corner stones of jewellery retailing in Glasgow.”