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The name of above the door and the brands stocked inside are responsible for driving some of the highest search traffic towards multiple jewellery retailer websites.

That’s according to exclusive research from Professional Jeweller which has revealed the keywords and website content that can help jewellery retailers maximise their SEO scores and so make it more likely that their websites will be visited by end-users.  

We looked at website comparison site Alexa.com to compare which phrases and keywords drove most traffic towards the websites of some of the market’s main retailers and those that rank highest on Google.


While jewellers appear to acquire traffic from a variety of content and some surprising key phrases, overall, the findings show that consumers are looking for company names rather than specific jewellery products.

When analysing the search traffic of some of the UK jewellery industry’s biggest retailers, the highest percentage of traffic for the likes of H Samuel, Ernest Jones, F.Hinds and Beaverbrooks, come from people typing the company’s name into their search engines.

For H Samuel, Fraser Hart, F. Hinds and TH Baker, the company name comes up multiple times in the businesses’ top five search terms.

Following a retailer’s name, the brands it stocks pulls in a high proportion search traffic. For Goldsmiths, watch brand Tag Heuer drives more people from search engines than its own name, while for T H Baker searches for Pandora lead shoppers to its site.

Links of London and Thomas Sabo are named in Beaverbrooks top five search terms, and aside from watches children’s jewellery brand D for Diamond commands traffic for Chilsholm Hunter.

Excluding the name of the retailer or the brands it stocks, the highest percentage of search traffic for H Samuel and Beaverbrooks comes from people searching for engagement rings. The phrase is the third highest traffic driver for Ernest Jones.


View the top five search terms of some of the UK’s biggest jewellery retailers here:

H Samuel

Keyword Percent of Search Traffic
  1.  h samuel 2.50%
  2.  engagement rings 1.77%
  3.  jewellery 1.11%
  4.  wedding rings 0.83%
  5.  hsamuel 0.58%

Ernest Jones

Keyword Percent of Search Traffic
  1.  ernest jones 3.44%
  2.  jewellery 3.12%
  3.  engagement rings 1.53%
  4.  jewelry 1.29%
  5.  wedding rings 0.79%

Fraser Hart

Keyword Percent of Search Traffic
  1.  fraser hart 6.17%
  2.  fraser hart wikipedia 2.16%
  3.  bespoke jewellery 1.78%
  4.  crouch jewellers 1.28%
  5.  luxury watches 1.18%


Keyword Percent of Search Traffic
  1.  tag heuer 3.18%
  2.  goldsmiths 3.10%
  3.  omega 2.04%
  4.  breitling 1.88%
  5.  luxury watches 1.55%

F Hinds

Keyword Percent of Search Traffic
  1.  f hinds 4.55%
  2.  hinds 1.22%
  3.  hinds jewellers 1.20%
  4.  high street jewellers 1.14%
  5.  watch shop 0.82%


Keyword Percent of Search Traffic
  1.  beaverbrooks 2.47%
  2.  engagement rings 1.67%
  3.  links of london 1.41%
  4.  thomas sabo 1.10%
  5.  omega seamaster 0.80%

TH Baker

Keyword Percent of Search Traffic
  1.  th baker 6.19%
  2.  pandora 3.44%
  3.  t h baker 2.49%
  4.  t.h. baker 1.00%
  5.  thbaker 0.84%

Chisholm Hunter

Keyword Percent of Search Traffic
  1.  chisholm hunter 5.22%
  2.  bell & ross br s ceramic matte 1.44%
  3.  d for diamond 0.66%
  4.  rado watches 0.59%
  5.  hamilton watches 0.49%