Alan Frampton, owner, Cred Jewellery. (All photos taken by Kalory Photo & Video

Leading ethical jewellery brand Cred has weighed in on the natural versus lab-grown diamonds debate, arguing that synthetic pieces are more sustainable than mined counterparts.

Brand owner, Alan Frampton, introduced synthetic, lab-grown diamonds into the Cred jewellery range two months due to the added sustainability they offer.

He told Professional Jeweller: “At Cred, we started selling [lab-grown diamonds] in August and the response has been very strong. They are environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and better value for money. They are atomically exactly the same as type IIA diamonds.”


“They come laser marked with a lab-grown certificate and we offer our customers choice between lab-grown and natural diamonds, mostly from Canada.”

While Frampton was driven by social responsibilities, it was important for the brand to garner support from customers for the lab-grown range.

“In the end they are the ones who will make the choice. In the USA they are saying that 50% of inventories in the multiple jewellery outlets will be lab-grown by 2020,” added Frampton.

“The great irony in the jewellery world is that the large suppliers of diamonds have had years to offer real traceability and provenance and have failed to respond to customer demand. I find it wholly unacceptable that a tomato from Africa worth a few pennies has more transparency and traceability in a UK supermarket than a £5,000 diamond ring from a jewellery shop.”