Brighton-based jeweller Posh Totty Designs has announced it will be hosting monthly ring making workshops to cater for high demand.

Having launched in 2004 in Brighton, the jeweller began running a variety of creative courses in the flagship city. Following a business expansion, which saw a store open in London in April, Posh Totty Designs launched ring making workshops in May which have proved to be extremely popular.

To cater for high consumer demand, Posh Totty Designs will now be running the ring making workshop alternatively in London and Brighton at least once a month.


The company’s brand development manager, Katie Smith, told Professional Jeweller: “We have had great success with our ring making workshops. They have been received better than we could have ever imagined so we have now started running monthly classes to cater for the demand.”

The first ring workshop was highly successful.

The ring making workshops allow consumers, even at beginner levels, to create a personalised silver ring, alongside Posh Totty’s team of highly skilled jewellers.

During the evening sessions consumers learn wax ring carving techniques, which are used to create unique designs, which are then cast into sterling silver and hand-stamped to add a further personalised touch. 9ct rose or yellow gold platings are also available at an extra cost.

The ring making sessions for June and July are already sold out as consumers have jumped at the chance to not only choose a bespoke piece of jewellery, but to create the piece themselves.

This innovative idea takes the personalised jewellery trend to another level, and gives Posh Totty Designs the opportunity to build stronger relationships with consumers.