Late last week around 76,000 of jewellery brand Jesper Nielsen’s ‘ambassadors’ were surprised to find that the business had suddenly been dissolved, reportedly leaving many with unfulfilled orders and unpaid earnings.

The brand has so far not given any explanation for its decision, except for a short social media post informing followers that it was ceasing all activities globally.

Ambassadors who represented the brand’s products have been coming to terms with the news and reflecting on how they recover from the setback.


How it happened

One ambassador, who requested anonymity, told Professional Jeweller: “We started to notice something was afoot in June and July when the compensation plan was changed making it harder for us to hit our targets.”

The source claims orders were not dispatched and incentive prizes for ambassadors were cancelled. “Then commission was delayed and orders were not received.

“I personally am not owed any money, however I spent over £500 on jewellery that I believed to be genuine 925 sterling silver.”

The source said they paid £300 in order to become an official ambassador, but was left disappointed over the quality of the offer.

“It turns out that most of the jewellery was cheap Chinese imports. Some of it was old stock from [Nielsen’s] Endless days.” [Endless was Nielsen’s former company].

“I’m fuming and feel like a fool. My reputation has been ruined. I thought I was selling top-quality stuff.”

‘Disgruntled ex-ambassadors’

Another former JN ambassador, Samantha Elizabeth from South Wales, said that she “wasn’t as badly affected as some” because she only recently came on board as an ambassador.

She said she felt sorry for more established ambassadors, as well as permanent staff and team leaders, who had been hit hardest.

“They are more than disgruntled ex-ambassadors; they are everyday people who have had their reputations tarnished and their integrity questioned because of Jesper and his poor excuse for a company.

“This bombshell, plus the lack of communication, has left everyone confused and hurt.”

Even before the closure of the company, Samantha Elizabeth revealed, there was a “tight-knit bond” among the “family” of ambassadors, and she hopes that what has happened will allow them to draw even closer as a means of support for one another.

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