Rob Passmore, CEO and co-founder, JewelStreet

Online jewellery marketplace JewelStreet has plans to launch local country websites into the Middle East, Latin America and key Asian markets.

At the moment the e-tail giant has local site versions in 12 countries, but is looking to add more and expand this offering to provide a more personalised experience.

“Something we have become very aware of is that customers want a local experience and that local tastes vary greatly,” explains JewelStreet chief executive officer, Rob Passmore. “For example, our customers in the USA typically spend 58% more than British customers. Pearls are very popular in Australia at the moment whilst 18 karat gold is the only gold that really sells in continental Europe.”


Passmore admits that while the UK will always be a key market for JewelStreet, it’s already been overtaken by the USA, which accounted for 64.9% of the site’s transactions in November.

Other key markets for increased traffic include Italy (35.39% increase in traffic), Spain (67.53%), Germany (10.08%), Netherlands (23.7%) and Switzerland (43.18%).

“As a UK based business, we do have a strong base in Great Britain, but we are thrilled by the diversity and volume of customers we are recruiting from across the world,” shares Passmore. “We will not lose focus on the UK and still have a big job to do to raise brand awareness here, but we are focusing on further expansion into the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Asia in the coming months.”

He adds: “As a global marketplace which supports independent jewellery designers and brands, our marketing strategy is intrinsically international at its core.  In fact, jewellery from overseas is one of our main pulls for customers, no matter where that customer is based. We have now had sales from over 80 different countries around the world.”

JewelStreet actively grows sales internationally through a full marketing mix, including events, PR, global social media, localised pay per click and search marketing and international campaigns.

Passmore feels international customers love to “Robin Hood” message of supporting independent designers and giving them 70+% of the retail price.

“This combined with buying something that is not available locally and the incredible choice they now have on Jewelstreet are the key reasons we see for the traction we are now having,” Passmore concludes.


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