New Zealand-raised jewellery designer Kasun Ekanayake tells Professional Jeweller why he turned to the original sin of Adam and Eve and gothic design as the inspiration for his new collection Tale of Forbidden Fruits.

When talking to Professional Jeweller, founder and creative director of Kasun London Ekanayake explained that when he was researching for his newest project he focused on fruit and finding a narrative that would stand out from the other fruit-inspired jewellery on the market.

Ekanayake reveals: “I wanted to do a collection based on fruits for while that is different to other fruit collections out there. I just thought I could achieve that by portraying story of ‘tree of life’ through fruits with distinctive Kasun London’s dark sensual gothic style aesthetics.”


Once Ekanayake began focusing on the tree from the Christian creation myth of Adam and Eve, he was tasked with re-visioning it  in his custom style.

“Initially I wanted to do a quirky and playful spring and summer collection that represents rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and re-growth,” Ekanayake shares on the choice of style, continuing:  “While researching I became interested in ‘the tree of life’ and had a vision for the story fitting into Kasun London’s distinctive dark sensual gothic style aesthetics.”

Kasun London’s imagery is an important part of its USP so it was vital for the brand to reflect the new product line in its promotional images.

“The images were key in the design of the collection,” he says. “I had a very strong vision of how I wanted the pieces to be worn and every piece was designed with the consideration of the lookbook from the beginning, which would then help translate our design ethos to our customers- representing the idea of Indulgence in pleasure, immortal sourness and dark temptations of good vs. evil.”

Kasun London is currently taking orders for The Forbidden Fruits collection and aims for delivery early July.