Italian fine jewellery brand, NANIS, which has been turning heads at Basel world with its unique collection of jeweler launched in the UK and Ireland last month.

Following the international expansion Professional Jeweller got in touch with Laura Bicego the Italian brand’s designer to find out more about its UK strategy.

Why do you think NANIS is a good fit for the UK market?


Our designer, Laura, both as a creator and as a woman, can interpret and give shape to all shades of the feminine soul. Women from every part of the world are not so different from the Italian ones, especially when it comes to jewels and beautiful things.

NANIS jewels are designed by a woman for a woman. Every woman deserves to fully enjoy her jewellery whenever she likes. Whatever the nationality, if you feel the jewel you will end up looking amazing.

What would you say is the brand’s USP?

In all our collections, ancient traditions and the art of goldsmiths typical of our area (Vicenza, Italy) meet and merge with the artistry and creativity of this land. It is our choice to design and produce all our jewels in Italy. Jewels that are beautiful as a natural consequence of a well-done job; the extreme attention to detail, accuracy and precision of handmade workmanship typical of the local artisan.

This leads to a concept of luxury, which goes beyond any mere fashion/aesthetical concept: it’s a deep-rooted luxury, which finds its reason really in the genesis of our jewels. Our jewellery has strong DNA – each collection has a story to tell.

“NANIS is already a well-known name, it is mainly a matter of introducing the brand and presenting our collections to the UK market.”

What kind of retailers are you looking for to stock the brand?

High-end jewellers, concept stores, department stores, brand-oriented and collection-focused. We are looking for retailers able to transmit the luxury concept with a fresh appeal, dynamic and open to innovation. NANIS retailers are able to communicate with a contemporary language, proactive and receptive to new proposals.

What’s your strategy for growing NANIS in the UK?

We are now launching into the UK market through distributor Leoro who has long experience and knowledge of the luxury UK market and the know-how to develop a brand in the market.

Regarding the strategy, first of all we are building brand awareness in this market through some press and digital campaigns. We are an international brand available in over 50 countries so NANIS is already a well-known name, it is mainly a matter of introducing the brand and presenting our collections to the UK market.

For this reason in September, besides the usual appointment with Vicenza Oro, we will be taking part in IJL London (3-5 September) where you will find us at, booth B16 and to The Jewellery Room DK (15-16th September) during London Fashion Week show.

Have you had any interest for the brand so far?

Yes, although we have just announced the launch and, following a newsletter sent to key jewellers, we were already contacted by some jewellers who were very keen to become stockists. It is very encouraging to find out that jewellers are aware of NANIS.