FHINDS;shop floor

After implementing a new digital strategy spearheaded by a pair of new appointments to the company, F Hinds has reported some impressive figures from its online and social media marketing.

In 2020 the retailer added Shane Bond as new customer relationship manager and head of marketing Natasha House with the intention of boosting the company’s connection to its customers.

Over the first three months, F Hinds’ digital communications, social media, email database and SEO were audited, reviewed and restructured.


F Hinds told Professional Jeweller that the team focused on data acquisition, the cleansing and growth of its email subscribers and introduced an advanced extension to the current system that could track web behavior, spending habits and retarget the customer effectively and efficiently.

The introduction of an automated welcome programme has also helped to deliver a 360-degree picture of each customer that has ultimately converted to sales.

In just 12 months, F Hinds has increased its email subscribers by 300% – 150% over target.

Using engagement touch points and eRFM modelling, F Hinds digital has been able to identify primary customers to serve them tailored content.

Over a period of 12 months, the results were measured to have increased revenue by 525% YoY, while conversion rates have also increased 92.45% YoY.

Click-through rates on email averaged 15.7% compared to 11.3% previously, and open rates are now 26.93% compared to 22.63% in the previous 12 months.

Additionally, the level of engagement on social media has increased by 85% and F Hinds has seen 21% growth in followers across all their social networks over a period of eight months.

In addition, reach on Facebook has increased by 2,600% and reach on Instagram has increased by 5,000% over the same period.

Website traffic, which increased naturally during the lockdown periods of the pandemic, saw a 39% increase in transactions with a change in user behaviour triggered by the introduction of the new ‘elastic search functionality’ that enables the user to find products quicker and a great range.

Jeremy Hinds, sales director at F Hinds, said: “The past twelve months has taken the company’s digital functionality in a new and exciting direction that has seen significant advances in the way we talk to our customers.

“The investment in digital innovation is one of the key priorities in the future of F.Hinds that will help to communicate our fantastic range of products to new and existing customers.”