Thomas Sabo has launched a new side-by-side wholesale model which takes away the financial requirements of a standard concept store.

Under a new wholesale venture, Thomas Sabo opened a side-by-side retail concept within Peter Jackson the Jeweller boutique in Preston’s St. George Centre on July 21.

As a first of its kind for Thomas Sabo in the UK, Professional Jeweller caught up with the brand’s wholesale director for the UK & Ireland, Nick Callegari, to find out how the side-by-side model differs from a traditional concession store.


What makes the side-by-side concept different to the standard concession arrangement Thomas Sabo already has in place with retailers?

The difference being this is a completely wholesale operated model with none of the financial requirements of a concession/concept store based business.  Whilst a wholesale model, we will support and treat Peter Jackson as we would one of our own retail stores.

What will be the most notable difference from a visual or product point of view? For example, can a customer walking into the Peter Jackson store expect a different experience to walking into a Thomas Sabo own-brand store or concession?

The aim of this partnership is to achieve an experience consistent with that of our own retail environments.  This is something that we continue to strive for in different ways with all our wholesale partners

What are your expectations in terms of the benefits that this new kind of set-up will deliver?

This gives us an opportunity to work with a valued wholesale partner and create a retail environment where we can leverage existing local knowledge, expertise and customer base.  Creating strong brand awareness for both Thomas Sabo and wholesale partner.

You referred to the likelihood of rolling this concept out to other partners in the near future. What else can you tell us about that?

Whilst we are not prepared to comment on any numbers at this stage as the launch of Peter Jackson is our priority, over time we will monitor performance and then engage in dialogue with appropriate wholesale partners.  A number of which have expressed interest at the opportunity already.