Pandora’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer Minna Philipson is the first and only female on the jewellery giant’s board and she’s revealed to Professional Jeweller what motivates her to reach the top.

Philipson is a very welcomed addition to the board, and she admits that the brand’s long term goal is to have more females take a seat.

As the only woman, her voice is treasured by the team, who value her input on how the make the jewellery brand “the most loved” in the world.


With a career that includes working her way up the ranks at Adidas, before being head hunted to move to Pandora, Professional Jeweller asked Philipson to share what motivates her in her career.

She responds: “There are really three things that drives me every day and I think these are perhaps female qualities but it doesn’t mean it is only women that display them. Firstly, I really like to learn and I like to learn from everyone around me. So whilst I might in a lot of scenarios be the boss, it doesn’t always mean that I know best, so just to be able to listen and learn and be humble around the people that I work with is one big thing.”

“Then I think curiosity, just to try and enthuse and to look out for new things and to keep developing and keep trailing and not being afraid to fail – to stay curious,” Philipson shares, adding: “And the last thing I would say is it goes with anything that you do, if it is your passion, you have to be prepared to work hard. Very few things come for free and whether you are a man or a woman, you need to work hard and you need to be committed to what you do.”

Philipson says climbing the career ladder is never easy, but in every job at every level you face daily challenges. To handles this she recommends having a good work/life balance in order to not let work overwhelm or empower you.

She adds: “Ask a lot of questions. Don’t be afraid to ask other people or get people to help you or support you. And don’t take yourself to seriously.”