Peter Anderson, Managing Director, Pandora UK, Farringdon Road, London, UK, Professional Jeweller HOT100 Peter Anderson - Managing Director of Pandora UK, London, UK, July 21, 2010 (Photo by Isidora Bojovic/ITP Images)

Peter Andersen, the man credited with turning Pandora into a household name across Europe, has resigned.

Mr Andersen, Western Europe president for Pandora, told Professional Jeweller today that his departure has been agreed with the Danish jewellery giant, but he will stay on at the company for six months, and will help search for his successor.

The split is amicable, according to Mr Andersen. “There was no falling out. I would not be able to carry on for another six months if there had been,” he confirmed.


Danish-born Mr Andersen has been running Pandora from the UK for the past eight years. “It has been an amazing eight years,” he said. “A lot has been achieved.”

Mr Andersen says he currently has no other job to go to after leaving Pandora. “The only thing I have planned is to see my personal trainer and my golf instructor,” he joked.

“I would prefer never to work again, so maybe I will retire,” he added, although the 49-year-old hinted that he could be persuaded out of retirement if the right job offer came along. “I am not an OAP yet, but I deserve a break, I’m going to enjoy life a little bit,” he said.

Mr Andersen heads off on holiday tomorrow, but will be back in two weeks to start the search for his successor. He would not hint at any candidates, but did say that it would be nice if somebody from within Pandora stepped up to the Western Europe president role.

Pandora’s head office has not yet commented.