Briefly, what is River Mounts?

River Mounts is a leading manufacturer and supplier of diamond set jewellery.

How has River Mounts fared during the last year-plus of lockdowns?


Since the start of the Covid pandemic and subsequent lockdown in March 2020, like many businesses, we found ourselves with an abundance of time. This posed a fantastic opportunity for us to work on new projects we’d put off in the past due to time restraint and the fast-paced nature of our work. As the lockdown continued and developed, so too did our projects. We did what we do best, worked with customers. We used the valuable feedback and insight our retail partners provided to improve our website, making it better, adding new features and functions.

What has the business focused on during these lockdowns?

In addition to listening to our customers, we saw the potential that our new website offered and made the bold decision to increase productivity by recruiting more, talented members, to our ever-growing Web Team. With regular team meetings, socially distanced digital gatherings, and a focus on moving forward in difficult times, we managed to make the lockdowns a positive experience for the whole team and the skills we learned during lockdown have been a big bonus moving into 2021.

You made the move to a more sustainable packaging option last year. Can you talk about that decision?

One of the projects we embarked on during the first lockdown which is still underway today was our change to be more environmentally friendly. We have always re-used and re-purposed materials, it is only natural in our industry that this is the case. One thing many people don’t know is that prior to the launch of our recyclable tins most of the packaging used to post our goods was already ‘Reused’ material, using the same packaging to send goods to our customers that they used to send goods to us. The tins we unveiled in August 2020 were a big step into becoming even more sustainable, made of recyclable aluminium, they provide the perfect housing to protect the product we post and many of our customers use the tins for trinkets, and storing bits and bobs in the office.

And you also made updates to your website I believe? What were these exactly?

Since its launch in 2018 has been an evolving and progressive project with no sign of slowing down. The initial launch came with a stock search and reservation feature, the ability for customers to search any reference and find what we have in stock, then reserve it for same day collection or next day delivery. Since then, we’ve added stock finders, the ability to filter and find designs from our huge collection, filtering unique characteristics to find the perfect engagement ring or bridal jewellery. We then launched additional HUB benefits, the ability to manage your account, credit, invoice and statements online. We added digital catalogues with easy links to stock, fulfilling both our customers request to always have the catalogue to hand and our own project of being more environmentally friendly. We improved the registration process to provide customers with a quicker way of gaining accessing to the website. Most recently in May 2021 we unveiled the new River Mounts website, re-branding and structuring the home page and subsequent menus of the website to offer a better user experience and greater visibility of the services we can offer.

Moving forward, what does the next year hold for River Mounts?

As we look towards the future, we don’t anticipate that business will return to normal. Thanks in no small part to our partners, our team and our digital revolution, we see a change and improvement on the horizon, as the economy enters recovery much quicker than initially expected and reports from retailer partners are largely positive in terms of the return to store. Business will be better than ever by the start of 2022 and our growth which slowed but didn’t stop during the lockdown of 2020 will be a constant reminder of everything we work hard to achieve. Together with the support of our retail partners and friends across the industry, we anticipate a good recovery this year with the easing of restrictions and lifting of lockdowns and we predict a future where change will be met with positive reaction.

Our plans, like our business, are ever evolving and changing, based on the feedback of our customers, the current projects underway are unfortunately top-secret however I can say, one is something we as a team need and the other is something our retail partners, through their request and feedback, will relish.