Strange the Jewellers moves to a prime location and larger space.

Independent jewellery retailer Strange the Jewellers has opened its doors to a new and larger store in Wokingham.

The Hot 100 retail stars closed its Rose Street boutique and moved to a better location on the high street.

Strange the Jewellers can now be found on Bush Walk, Market Place, in a space which is three times the size of the independent jeweller’s previous store.


“The new store is in a far better location in a quaint little walkway sandwiched between two high street stores, Boots and Wallis, and it is home to four other independent shops including a lovely gift shop and another jewellers,” explains Strange the Jewellers owners Jason and Jo Hughes.

With the new boutique Strange the Jewellers wanted to use the opportunity to change the store’s concept.

The store we relocated from was designed and fitted in the mid sixties and although modernised several times over the years it was still accentually old fashioned, with a very small front window for display,” adds Jo Hughes. “We wanted the new store to be a completely different concept, with far more space, with a modern and spacious feel with the latest in displays and lighting.

The process of relocating the store has been a long one as the owners spent time identifying the watch and jewellery brands they wanted to stake with them.

For the brands that had served them well but did not fit with what they wanted in the new store, the jewellery retailer spent six months selling them through before closing the Rose Street boutique.

“We then made a scaled plan of the new store and spent days pushing bits of paper representing cabinets and counters around until we final got looking near what we wanted,” Jason Huges adds on the process. “The shop fitters then worked from this but also offered additional input to final the plan.”

When it came to actually moving the duo say it wasn’t too bad as they had plenty of time. They first moved most of their offices and workshop area before shutting the Rose Street store. Strange the Jewellers was shut down completely for nine days to move over the stock and get the displays perfect before opening in the new location. Some suppliers joined the adventure and merchandised their new allocated areas for the store.

Strange the Jewellers opened the new boutique with a soft launch and will be planning a VIP event int he very near future to officially launch the opening.