Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld has never shied away from wearing jewellery himself and now he’s about to adorn the world with his very own fashion jewellery collection. And who has he chosen to embark on this adventure with him? The Swarovski Group.

While Swarovski are under strict instructions to keep the very essence of what the jewellery looks like under wraps, head of business development at Swarovski Professional, Myalee Sofield, wanted Professional Jeweller to be the first to know about the Group’s sparkling new marriage with one of the most acclaimed fashion designers to ever exist.

The very first glimpse of the collection will be unveiled at Swarovski’s striking Baselworld booth, but what we can reveal before the Switzerland trade-show is that the designer’s namesake label has signed an exclusive multi-year licensing agreement with the Swarovski Group to produce a line of fashion jewellery featuring the company’s signature crystals.


“Karl is the man of accessorisation and jewellery, it was therefore the next natural step for us to expand our product range with a fashion jewellery collection,” shares chief executive of the Karl Lagerfeld namesake brand, Pier Paolo Righi. “Swarovski with their significant expertise make the perfect partner for us and we look forward to launching the first collection this fall.”

As one of the most celebrated fashion designers, Karl Lagerfeld is globally renowned for his cutting-edge approach to style, with his namesake fashion house reflecting his signature aesthetic through creative, cool and accessible-luxe apparel and accessories.

Sofield shares: “The Karl Lagerfeld brand does not take itself too seriously which really sets it apart from so many other brands currently in the market. There is a sense of irony that runs through all of the collections and we made sure to reflect that in the fashion jewellery. We wanted to provide an opportunity for the consumer to really have fun with creating her look.”

The new jewellery line, which is scheduled to launch into stores in September, will include necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, all meticulously crafted from high quality materials. Designs will feature iconic crystals from Swarovski throughout, adding a naturally brilliant and eye-catching appeal to each piece.

“Karl Lagerfeld has become a true authority on accessories, both in his work and personally,” explains Sofield. “Throughout his career, Karl has been sure to make a statement with whatever he creates. While developing the jewellery line, we were not afraid to take risks with the designs which has really led to an amazing collection. We have taken the unique and iconic style that Karl has become so known for and translated that to include bold styling and recognisable features and details.”

Sofield adds: “The collection is classically cool but with an ironic, edgy twist. It provides the consumer with easily wearable options that are fun, unique, and on trend.”

As Lagerfeld connects with multiple generations and has a global appeal, the jewellery collection lends itself to be worn be a wide variety of people.

“The target consumer is style conscious and an early adopter of what’s new in the fashion world. She loves to make a statement with the clothes and jewellery that she wears.”

As part of the licensing agreement the Karl Lagerfeld fashion jewellery line will feature two main collections each year. Prices range from £45-£200 for the core collection, with some special styles ranging up to £500.

Launching the debut Karl Lagerfeld jewellery line at Baselworld, Sofield and the Swarovski Group team will meet with key buyers and retailers to introduce them to the range. This will be followed by an event in the spring where the Group will showcase the line solely to its customers in the UK and Ireland.

“We want to launch with a mixture of key jewellery retailers with a specific focus on fashion across the multiple, department store and independent market,” shares Sofield. “We would like to see the brand well established with long term partners who love the brand as much as we do.”

The Swarovski Group will be launching the line with key strategic initiatives in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld’s marketing activities.
Adding the Karl Lagerfeld jewellery line to its portfolio is part of the Swarovski Group’s plan to build the global licensing arm of the company. Sofield joined the jewellery solutions and global licensing business of Swarovski Professional last year to help launch its new jewellery brand Adore and to work with Swarovski Professional’s global vice president, Eric Russack, to build a portfolio of brands for the corporation. Joining brands such as Adore Jewellery, Karl Lagerfeld offers an edgier and even more fashion-focused selection of jewellery.

“We are thrilled to be working with such a legendary, inspirational and iconic leader as Karl Lagerfeld,” says Swarovski Professional global vice president, Eric Russack. “We are proud to pair the Swarovski Group’s 120 year legacy and excellence of product quality, innovation, & trend with the Karl Lagerfeld brand. We look forward to a successful and long lasting partnership.”

Markus Langes-Swarovski, a member of Swarovski’s executive board, adds: “We feel honoured to be partnering with an iconic fashion house such as Karl Lagerfeld. Reflective of the creative vision of Karl Lagerfeld, the collection was developed with cutting edge design elements and superior quality which perfectly complement the existing categories. We look forward to maximizing our licensing partnership together.”