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The CMJ is perfectly positioned to provide business insights, forecasts and advice regarding the uncharted territory that is emerging from a pandemic such as this, and managing director Emmet Cummins has done just that.

After much research the organisation has shared with its member retailers its findings, and now Cummins has passed on that information to PJ.

He begins listing the key points of the organisation’s research, all of which foretell a fast post-pandemic recovery: “The research indicates that people have more disposable income this year than they did last year.


“People also have a desire not only to return to bricks-and-mortar shopping but also to support local businesses,” he adds, going on, “And people still wish to remain local.

“Finally, there is a pent-up demand for weddings and engagements and this is likely to remain for 12-18 months.”

This, says Cummins, suggests “a real tailwind for independent watch and jewellery retailers”.

The way to harness that momentum? Online, the MD believes: “We have spoken endlessly throughout last year about the importance of supporting our bricks-and-mortar businesses with comprehensive online solutions.

“The CMJ has now established partnerships with a number of digital providers and I would encourage our members to rinse their expertise for the betterment of their businesses.”

Read Professional Jeweller‘s full interview with Cummins below:

INTERVIEW: Emmet Cummins one year on from joining CMJ mid-pandemic