Trollbeads - Say Hello...

Danish jewellery brand Trollbeads has moved its UK headquarters to London.

In a bid to meet changing consumer demands, Trollbeads has relocated its UK headquarters from a unit in Bristol to Clerkenwell, London.

The Bristol UK team were alerted of the move just before Christmas, with the London headquarters officially opening for business on Monday (Jan 9th).


When asked why the business was moving its headquarters, UK managing director, Pam Aujla, responded: “To be much more responsive and in line with changing consumer demands whilst being at the forefront of everything the capital city has to offer.”

She continued: “All of our key media partners are based here and we hope this will allow us to seize more opportunities going forward too.”

Trollbeads chose Clerkenwell as a location because the company believes the area reflects the brand’s DNA.

“Our premises in Clerkenwell  give us a perfect blend of character, commerce and creativity,” Aujla explained.

While the team in Bristol were given the opportunity to relocate, Trollbeads is now looking for a new UK team in the City.

Currently the brand is recruiting  for marketing roles.

“We are going to be looking for dynamic, entrepreneurial  individuals who would love to be part of taking the Trollbeads brand to the next level,” shared Aujla. “We need people who are willing to roll their sleeves up and get involved in order to make things happen and to make decisions as if they personally owned the company.”

Trollbeads’ new UK address is Unit 7, Bowling Green Lane, London, EC1R ONE.