Advice from Sam Rutley, managing director at PushON, an award-winning full-service e-commerce agency.

Mother’s Day is almost upon us. It’s one of the first key sales dates of the year for retailers post-Christmas and a gifting period that is predicted to reach new levels this year.

So, how can jewellers capitalise on Mother’s Day, and how can they make sure they’re marketing themselves in the most effective ways possible? Here are just a few of the very simple marketing methods that can be employed by jewellers in the run up to the big day.


Be millennial-friendly

With millennials a driving force behind consumer spending, and World Data Lab recently revealing global millennial spending power will overtake Generation X by 2020.

It is more essential than ever that retailers ensure their website offering is as millennial-friendly as possible, in order to maximise sales.

It’s well-known that the millennial consumer is more commonly found making their purchases via a mobile device, choosing to shop anytime, anywhere. Jewellers should be reflecting this in their ecommerce offerings by ensuring their mobile user experience (UX) is just as user friendly as their desktop UX. All call-to-actions that you’d find if you were browsing the website on a desktop should be replicated on mobile.

In a nutshell, if your website isn’t performing when accessed from a mobile, neither will your sales.


Make life easy

As consumers, we’re generally lazy. If a website isn’t easy to navigate, or doesn’t load fast enough, within 15 seconds we’ll have left the site, never to return again.

Landing pages are a great way to guide customers to the specific products or sales a retailer is trying to push. Having a Mother’s Day page, where all Mother’s Day offerings are clearly displayed in one place not only makes life easier for the customer browsing gifts, but it can also lead to additional sales for the retailer, as the consumer is drawn to other relevant gifts on the page.


Promote, promote, promote!

Another simple (and obvious) way jewellers can boost sales during busy shopping periods is to entice customers with event-specific promotions that will drive them to buy.

Website call-to-actions and prompts such as banner ads and pop-ups can increase conversion rates, especially on key dates like Mother’s Day.

Free postage, gift wrapping or even a free gift with purchase are other great promotions that – if made obvious on site – can boost sales, win new customers and increase customer loyalty.



In addition to boosting sales around the day itself, jewellers should be looking for ways that they can use it as an opportunity to build customer lifetime value. A great way to do this is to use to offer a more personalised experience; research has shown that shoppers are almost 50% more likely to make a purchase if their eCommerce experience is personalised.

Ecommerce personalisation entails showing individualised offers, product recommendations, and other content to visitors based on their previous actions, demographics, and other personal data.

With many jewellery purchases in the run up to Mother’s Day likely to be gifts, it offers the perfect opportunity for retailers to target these customers in the lead up to other key gifting dates with marketing emails promoting matching items, or to offer them discounts for the same range for example.

Mother’s Day is a big opportunity for jewellers both in store and online. Whilst bricks and mortar can bring the customer service, the sales potential that opens up when a site has been fully optimised for key calendar events, can be boundless.