As the June 1 deadline looms, jewellers up and down the country are preparing their stores to meet new government guidelines and put new measures in place to protect the wellbeing of staff and customers.

What many may not be considering though is the impact returning to work might have on employees.

For staff members that have been furloughed for the last month or so, with the Government telling them to ‘stay at home’ and ‘stay alert’ because there is a deadly virus in the nation that is quite easy to catch, they may have some apprehensions about getting behind the counters and interacting with strangers again.


Furthermore, they won’t be returning to work as they know it, they will have to adjust to new ways of working and interacting with customers and colleagues.

Here, jewellery and watch recruiter, Jolyon Marshall, has teamed up with Mara Thorne of Mara Thorne Consulting to provide business owners and retail staff with ten easy-to-follow top tips to help them prepare for returning to work post-lockdown:

  1. Plan safe travel arrangements for the return to work – avoiding public transport – and if driving or cycling, research where to park ahead of your return


  1. Practice regular handwashing/sanitizing routines


  1. Be prepared to focus on specific tasks as instructed, and for possible restrictions on access to tills/storerooms/back office areas


  1. Cooperate with increased cleaning routines in-store (locks, door handles, cabinetry) and of ready-for-sale stock


  1. Maintain social distancing in store, staying 2m away from colleagues and customers where possible


  1. If a task requires more than one person, “pair up” with the same person/very small team to limit possible exposure to infection


  1. Staff meetings and training sessions may take place using remote technologies (no ‘huddles’). Non-essential briefings should be avoided.


  1. Where physical meetings are necessary, maintain social distancing, increase ventilation, or hold them outdoors


  1. Agree to staggered break/lunch times, and where possible take them outside, alone


  1. Familiarise yourself with the safe use of any PPE provided