British jewellers F. Hinds has opened three new stores in Liverpool, Middlesbrough and Peterborough.

Hinds Liverpool store in St Johns Shopping Centre was the first to be opened with Andrew Hinds children, Poppy (10) and Charlie (8), wielding the golden scissors. The Liverpool store is being managed by Marcia Lee-Jones who was previously at F. Hinds’ Bury store, with seven staff recruited locally for the 1,800sq. ft front.

Durham fast bowler Chris Rushworth and his young family were the VIP ribbon cutters and guests at the official opening of F. Hinds’ 116th 1,600sq. ft store in Hillstreet Shopping Centre, Middlesbrough. They were joined Andrew Hinds. The new staff consists of manager John Pierce who was transferred from F. Hinds’ Blackpool store, a staff member promoted from Stockton and four new staff who were recruited locally.


Locally born Premiership rugby star Darren Fox, now Peterborough Lions’ Rugby Football Club player/Manager officiated at the opening of F. Hinds’ 117th, 1,500sq. ft. store in the Queensgate Shopping Centre, Peterborough. Kim Morrant is the manager of this store. Morrant first joined the company as a Christmas temp, worked at Braintree for the last nine years and is now in charge of this new store alongside six locally recruited new staff members.

All three new stores feature the stylish purple livery now adopted by F. Hinds, widened double or triple frontages, large plasma TVs and environmentally friendly LED lighting throughout.