Ahead of the new film release, Jack Sparrow’s complete jewellery collection from Pirates of Caribbean, has been valued by F. Hinds.

The whole collection totals £224,615 with rings alone worth £19,000.

The pirate’s stolen crown is the most valuable of his plunder at an estimated £200,000.


Other highlights from the collection include the pirate piece of eight bandana bead set, his 22ct gold stolen ring and his Far East style dragon ring.

The Skull Ring

One of Jack’s prized possessions, and made from sterling silver embedded with a single green emerald stone. To own a real life version would cost £4,250.

The Dragon Ring

It’s claimed this carved ring would take the skill of a master to create, so the value is in the craftsmanship rather than the precious metals. The design is from the Far East containing a mid-green jade stone, valuing at £750.

The Flower Ring

Assuming this has high gold content, the design feature is a carved gemstone, with a slight red tinge, inlaid with a gold floral design set with diamonds. A lot of skill would go into creating this ring contributing to its overall value. This piece, seen as an antique containing 22ct of gold and high-quality diamonds, would cost £5,500.

The Stolen Ring

Whilst in Jack’s possession on his quest to find the chest of the Treasure of Cortés, the weight of the 22ct gold alone adds up to create a substantial starting point for this piece. In today’s world the oval shaped amethyst is relatively inexpensive, but in Jack’s time would have been prized due to its rich purple colour associated with royalty. To reproduce this ring today you would expect to pay around £8,500 making it the most valuable of Jack’s rings.

Leather Bracelet

It’s not all about the silver and gold treasure, the leather fashion accessory found on Jack’s wrist is made from worn leather and gemstone beads, taken to any leather craftsman worth his salt, this piece of jewellery could be made into a one-off piece at an affordable price evaluated at £90.

Pearl Necklace

Using best quality modern day cultured pearls from the South China Sea, Jack’s pearls would retail around £5,500. The pearls Jack is wearing would have been hand dived for and is incomparable in today’s market.

Bandana Beads

The famous head beads worn by Jack from the very start consists of a red patterned glass beads and various other semi-precious gemstones. The iconic coin at the bottom of the beads is supposed to be a pirate piece of eight, in today’s world it’s a Burmese silver coloured Pya as used in the actual films. You could recreate this for around £25.


The typical pirate booty of gold and silver makes up the bulk of the value, Jack’s crown which he stole from the Isle de Muerta is worth upwards of £200,000 and is bejewelled with pearls, blue sapphires and large semi-precious gemstone.

The Treasure of Cortés

This isn’t included in the overall costs of Jack’s jewellery, but it can’t go unnoticed. This treasure chest is jam packed with 882 pieces of Aztec gold coins, valued at over £3,000,000.