Jewellery brands and retailers are set to come under scrutiny over the origins of their products when a major social media campaign kicks off this month.

Ethically minded jewellery collective Fair Luxury is encouraging consumers to ask their favourite brands ‘who mined my gold?’ or ‘who made my jewellery?’ with the aim of bringing more transparency to jewellery supply chains.

The campaign follows in the footsteps of the Fashion Revolution initiative, which began on April 24, 2013 in response to the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, where 1,138 garment workers were killed and 2,500 injured when a clothing factory collapsed.


The jewellery industry has been blighted by similar atrocities over recent years with mine collapses, landslides, flooding and misuse of hazardous chemicals hitting the headlines.

The Fashion Revolution movement now has over 87,000 followers on Facebook, and 216,000 on Instagram who raise awareness of the challenges affecting the fashion sector, and question brands on where and how clothing is made.

Fair Luxury hopes to get people thinking about the story behind their jewellery: asking where their gold or gemstones came from and who was involved in the manufacture.

Victoria Waugh, co-founder of responsible jewellery consultancy V&V, is supporting Fair Luxury’s work. She said: “Provenance is becoming increasingly important to shoppers. They want to be sure that the things they buy haven’t had a detrimental impact on people or the environment.  There are many small UK jewellery brands taking steps to work in the best way they can and be transparent about their practices.  We want the campaign to highlight these pioneers, and to encourage more businesses to think about how they too can make improvements.”

Everyone in the jewellery supply chain, from designer makers and brands to stone cutters, manufacturers and miners are invited to join the movement by:

– Asking the people in their supply chain to take a selfie with the campaign’s ‘I made your jewellery’ banner.

– Posting the images on social media during Fashion Revolution Week 22nd and 28th April using the hashtags #whomademyjewellery #imadeyourjewellery #iminedyourgold #iminedyourgemstone #fashionrevolution

– Encouraging consumers to ask other jewellery brands ‘Who made my jewellery?’

Arabel Lebrusan, one of Fair Luxury’s founders said: “It makes sense for us to show support for Fashion Revolution Week in this way, and to tap into the huge network of supporters globally that want to see businesses working responsibly.”



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