Fairtrade Fairmined silver makes debut in UK

Metal available at wholesale from ethical jeweller CRED.

Ethical jeweller CRED Jewellery has brought the first Fairtade Fairmined silver to the UK, launched to coincide with the two year anniversary of the mark for Fairtrade Fairmined gold.

CRED says it has been working for 10 years on small-scale metal mining, in particular in Peru, Bolivia and Colombia. It has dubbed the arrival of certified Fairtrade Fairmined silver as “a huge turning point in the future of ethical jewellery”.

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Alan Frampton, director of CRED, said: "It is so exciting to have silver now join gold in this certification, made possible through the increasing demand from consumers for ethical metals.”

CRED brought the first certified silver back from Peru in December, and is now offering it at wholesale for jewellers in the UK. The metal was mined at the Sotrami mine, one of the mines certified as Fairtrade and Fairmined. The silver is found in small quantities alongside the deposits of gold, and so receives the same mark as Fairtrade Fairmined gold.

The retailer says it has enjoyed a boost in sales of Fairtrade and Fairmined gold jewellery this year, with sales of its Fairtrade Fairmined wedding and engagement rings up 86% last year, compared to 2011.

CRED has spent nine years working directly with miners to help improve standards to ensure safe working practices and a fair wage for the miners, while developing their communities and protecting their local environment, contributing more than $100,000 (£62,000) in Fairtrade premiums to mining communities in Peru, Bolivia & Colombia.

The first Fairtrade Fairmined platinum was launched in December last year, with London retailer Cox & Power the first jewellery to work with the metal. 





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