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Demand for Fairtrade gold continues to increase in the UK


The latest shipment of Fairtrade gold brought into the UK was the biggest to date as demand keeps on growing.

Cred Jewellery reveals last month’s import was a huge 19.1kg in weight and came from Fairtrade accredited gold mine Macdesa, in Southern Peru.

This is the single biggest import of Fairtrade gold, beating the last one by 22.5%, marking a momentous milestone for Cred jewellery and the rest of the industry.

The ethical jeweller shares: “In the competitive high street, young buyers are becoming more receptive to the best, readily available, Fairtrade gold in the world. The source of this gold is traceable back to the hole in the ground where it came from, and because of this, it tells a story.”

All the Fairtrade gold is brought into the UK by Cred Jewellery.

Director, Alan Frampton, remarks: “We have fantastic relationships with everyone, from those in the supply chain to all our customers. This is crucial to satisfy consumer demand.

“There is enough gold in this bar to produce 6,300 wedding rings. Fairtrade gold is coming of age.”


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