Fairtrade gold finds its way into the United States with first sale by Cred Jewellery

British Fairtrade jewellery advocate Cred Jewellery has just delivered its first shipment of Fairtrade gold to the USA. It was received by Reflective Images of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Over 160 licensed jewellers use Fairtrade gold in the UK. The officially hallmarked metal also has customers in Switzerland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, South Korea Sweden and now the USA.

“We are so excited to be sending the USA it’s very first shipment of Fairtrade gold. This shows there is demand worldwide for the best accredited supply of gold,” said Cred Jewellery director Alan Frampton sai.

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Fairtrade gold is produced according to an independently audited safe and ethical standard that includes no child labour, good health and safety, fair working conditions for the employees and good access to international markets.

The whole supply chain is Fairtrade accredited and each piece gets the fairtrade hallmark to certify compliance.



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