Jeweller alerted lawyers to site selling knock-off branded cufflinks.

Babette Wasserman has been plagued by a fraudulent website selling copycat cufflinks.

The website, which was trading at, was selling knock-off Babette Wasserman designs and purporting to be genuine.


Designs purporting to be genuine Babette Wasserman cufflinks included designs featuring oil rigs, two-tone jade discs, mini knuckle dusters and American flags. The website claimed to offer the “best deals online” and had retail prices of up to US$250.

The website was also selling what claimed to be Tateossian cufflinks.

Babette Wasserman put its lawyers onto the website as soon as it was discovered and the site has since been taken down.

Founder of the jewellery brand Babette Wasserman said: “It’s quite incredible the cheek of some people to ride on the back of even small brands like mine rather doing their own leg work to build up their brand name. They say it’s kind of a compliment but it thoroughly angers me.”