Harvey’s Jewellers is considering an expansion of its Wakefield-based store.

The owner of the independent store is currently in conversation with the landlord about knocking through to next door.

Located in Cross Square in the City, owner and founder, Shaun Harvey, thinks the move will give the bench workers in store more room to operate.


In an exclusive interview with PJ, he said: “We are so happy where we are at the moment we are actually negotiating with the landlords to try and get next door and push it through just to give us a bit more room.”

Harvey’s currently has five members of staff located in store, four of which work daily on the bench.

Mr Harvey said the current set-up forces himself and colleagues to often ‘ice-skate’ around each other when working.

Joking about the way they operate, he said: “I’m happy where we are, it’s like ice skating in there sometimes and the people like that.”

He continued: “Because of that, it gives the customers a nice vibe when they come into the shop which is what we’re after.”

Harvey’s Jewellers used to operate in three stores across the city but have found that recently, going back to basics has helped them operate a more efficient and effective business model.

Founded in 1986 by Shaun, Harvey’s has a contingent of loyal customers in the city due to the family-led nature of the business.

Shaun took on goldsmiths Craig and Mark within a year of starting the company and now also employs his wife who looks after sales and Admin.

Shaun’s son Adam was the latest addition to the team around ten years ago and is also qualified to work on the in-store bench.

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